Sunday, 28 June 2020

Emerging from Lockdown

We are finally creeping out of the period of lockdown masked up and ready to face what this new way of life has for us.  I’ve got mixed feelings about emerging from this period, a lot has happened, which has meant changes for me on an emotional level.  Not only have I faced the fear of being in two high risk categories (both from being asthmatic and from being part of the BAEM community) but I’ve also fought with feelings of longing to see family and friends whilst circumstances have prevented me from doing so.

During this period of transition many of us sat in our homes and witnessed the brutal murder of George Floyd in America.  It was not just the murder that awakened dormant feelings of inferiority in me, but the reaction from various groups of people (friends included) to mine, and many other people’s, outrage at the treatment of black people systematically across the western world.  The popular T-shirt slogan ‘If you can be anything in this world, be kind.’ Is exactly what those that have taken a stand against systematic racism are trying to convey.  Kindness and respect are free, but in order to be kind, we have to recognise where we may have gone wrong.  Closing our eyes to a problem will not make it go away, neither will belittling the struggles of others because we don’t quite understand them.

Despite the outcries from the few that ‘All lives matter,’ which I don’t disagree with, there are many others who have stood hand in hand with black people to acknowledge  that Black Lives Matter and for too long they have not been seen as important.  I have seen a change in attitude and a sense of community strength flowing from my black brothers and sisters and it has been a beautiful thing to see.  Whilst sitting in our Loungewear or joggers, we have become activists, artists, entrepreneurs and community leaders.  We have awakened hidden talents and exercised existing ones to begin to build on the rich beauty that has always existed in our ancestral history.  George’s little girl said that her daddy changed the world, this is a statement that we want to ring on for a long time to come, one that will be written in the history books signalling a significant shift in equality for those of all ethnicities.  The world has a long way to go making up for the centuries of oppression but we are pushing towards  A time where our community has access to an equal starting point and for this we must give thanks.


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