Thursday, 24 January 2019

Writing Again

Hello old friend, I've missed you.
I'm sorry I've not written much.
This however has always been my truth, my hidden truth, the secret that I reveal to many yet keep to myself. A juxtaposition I know.
My writing processes echo very much what goes on in my mind.  
Sometimes I'm in the moment, loving life, happy, full of ideas that need to find release.
Other times, times I'm often afraid to mention,
I'm withdrawn.
Deep in thought, considering the possibility of disappearing from existence under a bubble of cloud and smoke.
Now I've been wanting to write, my mental pen has been scratching ideas, looping along the neurons of my mind.  I've been told I should write, I've been forced to write for CPD and so, today, I've made the decision to just write.
So hello old friend,
I'm pleased to once again meet your acquaintance.
I have no promises to offer you.
No extraordinary gestures.
Just me.
Saying hello.

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