Sunday, 30 September 2018

Life and Coal Mirrors

The other day I posted a picture on my Instagram page with the self quotation, "I evolve, I grow, I change, I'm a series not an episode, all my stories aren't the same."

Life is a complicated thing filled with many happenings, that with them bring a myriad of emotions.  So much has changed in my life in such a short time but with the change has come growth.  Whether that be something as minor as hair growth or something as profound as spiritual growth, in this season of my life I seem to be encountering a lot of it.

Losing loved ones and friends has taught me to embrace now.  This is because my 'now' will always contain the people and things that hold the most value in my life at this present time, because you take care of the people and things that matter the most to you in your 'now' and they in turn take care of you.  The past always holds great memories, great sadness, great laughter and great pain but what the past can't do is change your present, unless you want it to.

I've never really been one for going out on a school night but when invited to the Saatchi Gallery for a private viewing of the new collection 'Black Mirror' I thought why not?  It was my chance to do something I've not done before and to bring a friend along for the journey.  It was also my chance to have a go at interpreting some of the modern art that though some may find profound, I often find confusing.

Two of my favourite pieces of the night were Alejandra Prieto 'Coal Mirror' and Steve Bishop's 'It's Hard to Make a Stand'  

I've not read up any of the background of these pieces which left them completely open to my own interpretation.  I guess because of the place I'm in in my life coal mirror appealed to the part of me that thought, "What is it you see when you look in the mirror?  What if that mirror showed you nothing but coal?  Is that what you would see?"  

The truth is as I stood in front of that mirror making up interpretations in my head, what I saw was imagination.  Within me lives a dreamer, capable of creating something out of nothing.  I created ideas and with those ideas come vision.  What is important is not what we actually see in the mirror, but what our minds create from what we don't see.

My interpretation of Steve Bishop's piece was much less profound.  I just really loved the fur!  The fact that the horses face was hidden to me meant that he, or she, didn't want to be seen.  He was wrapped up in fur and plastic, forbidden fruits of the world and fashion, yet he perhaps wasn't brave enough to show his face and say, "I like this stuff, so what?"

There were of course lots of other fabulous pieces of art, but I'm choosing to be a little selfish and keep the rest of my photos private so that you have to make the journey and interact with the art yourself.

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