Thursday, 23 August 2018

September Approaching

September is fast approaching, as is the start of the new school year and for me a new start in a new school. For us as a family however it also marks another year without D and a year since T was ill.

Tianna and I had a conversation the other day, I told her how proud I was of the journey she has been through these past 3 years, so much has happened yet it still only feels like yesterday. My first birthday after he died and our first Christmas is all a blur, I don't know how we got through it but what I do know is that we did it together.

In that same conversation I told Tianna how strong she is, how brave, how talented and how loved. I expected a simple thanks mum (that's about as much as you usually get out of teenagers) but she responded by telling me how proud she was of me and of us as a family, she reminded me that she didn't have to miss me when she was in Kent because I drove up there everyday but 1 and she reminded me that everything she's been through in the last 3 years has been made easier through the support of myself and her little family .

I'm so proud of the daughter we; (Darrell, my mum, Sonia and myself) raised, when the nurses sent her home they were sad to see her go, they said she was the most polite and respectful girl they had ever met. They told me that I did a wonderful job raising her and the truth is, I did. However, she also did a wonderful job at maturing me, she let me know that it is ok to get things wrong sometimes, it is ok to get angry sometimes, it is ok to love with all of you and it is also ok to cry when you get hurt.

I don't know what tomorrow might bring but I know that whether joy or sadness my load will be made lighter through the love of my little family.

She cut half her face off on purpose, It's a teenage girl thing :-|

When was the last time you told someone you love how proud you are of their journey?

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