Sunday, 26 August 2018

All Men Are...

This is probably a really bad thing and I shouldn't taint all of the male species with the same brush but...
Are all men just absolutely unreliable?  I mean my grand father was probably the most reliable man I know and I won't have a bad word said about him, but as far as the other men in my life go most would score between 0-3 out of 100 on the reliability scale.

Take this weekend for example 3 of my male friends had said they would be coming to visit.  

Friend 1: I can sort of excuse this one, sort of.  He was travelling home today so had very limited time and the fact that he had only met his girlfriend 2 weeks ago and was now leaving the country means he should definitely have spent as much of the time left in the country with her.  Why I say sort of is because I didn't ask him to come and visit me, he told me he would be coming to visit and I would have liked him to take something home for my mum.  Did he call, no, did he send a message, again, no.  Common courtesy dictates that if you make arrangements and you can't meet with those arrangements at least let a sister know.  That being said he's still my homie.

Friend 2:  This one has absolutely no excuse, unless he's ended up in hospital yet again (just checked, he hasn't).  He's someone that I've known for a good 14 years and again someone that obviously has either lost the use of his hands, his voice or is just plain rude.

Friend 3:  The ex, this one has absolutely no reason to stick to any arrangements made, apart from the fact that he shattered my heart into a million pieces but will still look me square in the eye and tell me he loves me.  I probably made that sound worse than it is, he didn't cheat or lie or any of the usual BS, he just needs to work on his demons and that I can fully understand, we all have things we need to work on.  At least he made an active effort to send me a message with his apologies, not that he replied to my response but that's another story.

Thankfully I didn't rely on any of them to show or I would have had the most boring of weekends.  Instead I invited my FEMALE best friend over.  Not only did she come with her son to keep little man occupied but she also came bearing the gifts of alcohol and business inspiration, got to love an entrepreneur.
She never smiles in pictures and will probably kill me for stealing her photo

So what have I learnt from all this?  I've finally realised that people will only treat you a certain way if you accept it, so I'm done accepting it.  From this day forward, I pledge to live an amazing life doing me with a few reliable buddies.

Phoning a friend

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