Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas 2017

I always get sentimental and a little emotional around Christmas time, after all Christmas is the time you should spend with family and those closest to you.  With all my family spread out this year I didn't have much hopes for a fun filled day.  Granted things could have been much worse, and for some I know they were.

Despite only expecting a couple of guest this Christmas I still got up at the crack of dawn for the usual opening of the gifts and popping my lovingly marinated meat into the oven.

This year as well as the usual gifts I had set up a little treasure hunt for the teen to find her Christmas money which insured our day started with some giggles as the teen struggled to work out what I thought were the simplest of clues.

The children honoured me with a post ready onsie selfie and then it was all hands on deck to finish preparations and get ready (and by all hands what I really mean is my hands worked on everything whilst the teen and the young king got themselves dressed).

Can't access my SD card at the moment so took a picture from the LCD screen

We had a flying visit from my boyfriend, his sister and the kids which meant we got to exchange gifts and the younger ones had a few minutes of play which was lovely as always.

Once they had left I had a couple of hours or so to relax and gather my thoughts until my dad, who was due to arrive at 4, came over to enjoy Christmas dinner with us.  I must say that as Christmas meals go this one went almost exactly to plan (we'll forget the fact I didn't cook the sprouts and lightly burnt the Yorkshires).  My roast chicken was moist and succulent and my honey roast lamb was melt in your mouth delicious and went perfectly with my macaroni cheese, rice and roast potatoes.  Thankfully although my father and I have not always seen eye to eye and barely see or speak to one another, this time of year is always one that makes you stop and acknowledge the importance of putting grudges aside and loving regardless of the mess.  We ate our meal, shared some stories and talked about current affairs as we usually do.  After thanking me for the meal we said our goodbyes and I gave myself a pat on the back for a job well done.

The kids and I relaxed back in the sofa and started on the Christmas TV shows.  My (ex) mother in law, whom I love dearly, was running way behind schedule and a couple of hours after my dad left, she joined us for the rest of the evening.  After dishing her a plate we all ate dessert together then indulged the young king in some Christmas board games.

Our evening was full of silliness and laughter and as they say laughter is the best medicine.  I imagine if their is an afterlife that Darrell was happily smiling down on his family last night and even though we were one princess short of a full kingdom we are doing our best to retain that bond that he made possible.

So in reflection, what I thought would be a miserable Christmas turned out to be a lovely one.

I hope that you all had a good Christmas.  What was your most memorable part of the day?

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