Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Hello Strangers

I promised myself I would write at least one blog post this summer, in the aim to get myself blogging again.  Having written this I will have achieved that goal, I'm certainly not one to break a promise, except sometimes when that promise is to myself.

You know like the promises you make yourself never to let anyone treat you badly again, or the promise never to be fooled into buying something you don't need because the deal sounds too good to miss out on.  Those promises are more difficult to keep.  I can promise myself not to let anyone treat me badly, the problem with that is I'm not in control of the actions of others, so instead a better promise would be to promise myself that how I handle someone who treats me badly will be better than I handled it before.

One promise I have managed to keep for myself though is the promise to keep fit, don't get me wrong I've not always managed to get to the gym and I've definitely enjoyed a doughnut or two (or the whole packet on a good day)  but despite that I've kept my steps up, exercised at home, maintained a somewhat healthy diet and enjoyed some healthy alternative forms of exercise.

For the rest of this year my promise to myself is to write; be it one or two blog posts a month, a poem on a scrap of paper, a story for the little one or a play script for the teen, I will write.  I would love if you can help me out with encouraging words, tweet reminders or a little nudge in my inbox every now and again because sometimes we forget to do what we love because we are so caught up trying to love what we have to do.

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