Sunday, 29 November 2015

Where on Earth? A brief journey through Morocco

Travel for me is not merely about taking in the famous sights and sounds of a faraway paradise but is also about experiencing the land the way the locals do.  There is nothing more exciting (and scary) than being lead by a local through the back streets of a Berber city.

Twice now I have been fortunate enough to travel to Morocco.  The first time was to the port city of Tangier.  Before then my only knowledge of this city was through reading the Alchemist as a young adult for me Tangier was a city cloaked in magic and mystery.

The sight of poverty for some can be too much to bear, for me however, this is reality.  The street children, not begging you for your money but instead handing you a token of some sort in exchange for whatever change you can spare.  The snake charmers in their wisdom enticing you in with the magic that is the dancing snake and the back street bakers that invite you into their store, the smell of freshly baked bread surrounding you as they take the next bakers dozen from their stone ovens.

It isn't all doom and gloom, mixed in with the small homes of the locals are beautiful mosques, spice filled markets and Islamic architecture.  As well as all that there are the mountains, the coastlines and of course the desert.

Roaming like a stray cat in search of interesting smells my second visit to Morocco lead to me to the city of Marrakech (with short trips to the Ouzoud and Essaouira.)  The winding streets, the food, the sights and the experiences were amongst the best I have had to date.  

Glorious Moroccan Spiced Chicken aims to "deliver the hustle and bustle of Moroccan streets into a supermarket near you."  If I could fly to Morocco for dinner every evening I would but in the absence of my multi-millionaire status, Glorious soups are good alternative.

And if you do plan on taking a trip to Marakech anytime soon be sure to check out my tips x

I have in no way been compensated for writing this post, it is however entry to a competition.  All experiences and opinions are my own.

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