Friday, 27 November 2015

Bed Wetting

Little man was doing so well with being dry through the night until recently.  Every single night without fail there has been a wet bed.  I'm pulling my hair out in frustration.  What am I supposed to do?

The teen princess made toilet training seem so easy, she was in nappy's one day and underwear the next and apart from the odd accident she was dry every night.  Little man on the other hand is giving me a challenge.

It's not that he wets during the day because he doesn't.  He's completely dry, no accidents no desperately running to the toilet because he's left it too long, he's absolutely dry in the day.  Night times are completely different, even if I wake him in the night to use the toilet he still manages to find more before morning to soak the bed.

I've tried no drinks after 7pm and still no joy.  If anyone has any tips and tricks to stop my lovely boy wetting the bed at night I'd be eternally grateful. 

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