Thursday, 17 September 2015

Meeting a Greedy Italian

I am a lucky girl sometimes and to be invited to watch a brilliant Italian chef in action is an invitation I could certainly not refuse.  The event was held in a quaint global cuisine cooking school in London's Clarkenwell, Food at 52.

I arrived at the event and it was bags off, aprons at the ready to experience Chef Gennaro Contaldo (from BBC2's Two Greedy Italians) cook us one pasta dish after another (I'm pretty glad I went with an empty stomach).  

As well as showing us how to cook with Bertolli with butter Chef Contaldo entertained us with his playful little tips, "Too much salt will kill you, not enough salt will kill you too!" and his stories from home.  One such story he told was of how his mother would work hard and still cook fresh and he would come home from school and eat with little thought to how much she had put into preparing the dish for them.  It was only as an adult many years later that he appreciated his mother was cooking with love.  The story touched my heart because one of the things I always say is if I cook with love the food always turns out better so I always try to cook with love.

Apart from cooking with love, I often cook with olive oil but sometimes the creaminess of butter is needed and that is where bertolli with butter provides the perfect solution.  It's made with around 52% oil so you have just the right amount of butter for the pasta to grab and coat itself perfectly.

We were given lovely little goody bags filled with treats so of course the first thing I did when I got home that evening was cook a meal full of love and my babies enjoyed it so much that after I left and came back from my yoga class the teen princess was still dishing out complements.  

A job well done I say, thanks to Chef Contaldo and Bertolli with butter. "Why I'm cooking so good!" Chef Gennaro Contaldo

We were invited to the event and given the goody bags all opinions are my own.

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