Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Back to School - As One Journey Begins...

Next month little man is starting school and it hasn't been an easy road so far.  First there was the choosing of the schools, we (little man and I along with a husband and wife duo who I am proud to call my friends)  visited many schools which made choosing the schools I love that little bit easier, however the schools I liked most were further away from home which meant the likelihood in him getting into them were slim to none but I left it for the universe to decide.

When we got the results as I expected he didn't get into any of our chosen schools and instead was given a place at a school which was yet to be built.  It took me a while to get my head around this but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of him going to a brand new school which would have to work really hard to prove itself.  The date was set for us to visit the temporary site and we were excited to find out more.

Unfortunately when the day arrived there were only about 6 other parents in attendance, the meeting started and we were promptly informed that, "The school will no longer be opening due to the lack of accepted places and the viability of travel to and from the new site."

We were back to square one.  Little man had no school to attend.

Time passed, his birthday came and went and I grew more anxious wondering how I would go back to work if nothing had been organised for little man.  Would I have to send him back to nursery?  Would I have to home school?  None of these were options that appealed to me due to needing the income from working.  Fortunately on 13th August we received an offer, another brand new school but this time it will open.

Now with school uniform purchased and one less thing to worry about it's time to switch focus a little and come up with the best plans possible to support the teen through her last year of secondary school.  Wish us luck.

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