Monday, 13 July 2015

The Teen Princess Does Work Experience

When you first set eyes on your newborn and when he or she utters their very first word, it is a moment of pride that at the time you feel can not be beaten, that is until they take their first steps, say their first sentence, read their first line, star in their first school performance and so on.  Children bless you with so many moments that leave you struck with pride.

The day she was born

For the last two weeks the teen princess has done just that.  She has had to endure 5am wake ups and 8 hours of work whilst still training for cheer-leading one evening a week and babysitting 3 evenings a week and I could not at this time be any prouder.  

I  haven't once had to jump out of my bed and wake her because she was running late, I haven't had to make sure her clothes are in the wash so she has something to wear.   I haven't had to check that she has all the relevant documents each morning or that she goes to bed when she's told to (as opposed to seeing how long she could get away with using her ipod in bed without me noticing.)  My little girl has grown up.

Nursery graduation

She is swiftly becoming the young lady that I always dreamed she would be.  Thoughtful, kind, hard working and determined to succeed against all odds.  I would like to thank myself for this but the truth is that whilst I struggled through depression to be a great mother, my little girl was independently learning how to be her own person and how to understand the world through not only her own eyes but through the eyes of others.  She has a lot more empathy than me, a lot more compassion and thankfully her optimism now equals my high points if not exceeds them.

Work experience ready

She came home every day with stories from her day at work,  her colleagues praised and encouraged her and she grew in confidence with each new day.  I am both nervous and excited to behold what the future has for my princess and as we close the chapter on work experience we open the door to a year of GCSE preparation and further education choices.  

All I know is that there will be a time in the not too distant future when my baby girl will turn and wave goodbye as she leaves home for new horizons and with tears in my eyes I will know that at that moment, however sad I will feel, I could not be prouder. 

School trip to Spain, her first holiday without mummy

Baby girl, if you ever read this, you are and will always be my princess.

Her 10th Birthday

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