Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Baby Can Drive!

There is nothing like facing a fear and doing something you never thought you would be capable of to give you a burst of pride and I try to teach my children that all the time.

This week the teen had one of those opportunities.  She has always said to me for as long as I've know that she doesn't think she'll ever drive a car for two reasons.  One because she is fairly uncoordinated at times and two because she's afraid.  Afraid of other road users and afraid of her ability to control the car.  Not really something a 15 years old should be worried about but she does like to think ahead!

Thankfully she had the opportunity to erase those fears and learn that although there may be other drivers on the road that lack control, one of the best things she can do for herself is learn to be one that is responsible, that way she can avoid getting into unnecessary accidents.

She took part in one of the Croydon young driver sessions and got to drive a manual car for an hour and learn about how to stay safe on the road.  When I told her I'd booked her in she was hesitant to say the least but we are both glad that she didn't chicken out.  One of the comments that made me most proud was that the instructor said she had good control of the car and was very focused .

She has now overcome a fear and is excited about learning to drive in the future,  she even tried to convince me that her certificate meant she could now drive my car :-)

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