Saturday, 25 July 2015

Coping With Chickenpox (contains graphic images)

Little man has been trying really hard to cope with chickenpox this week.  In fact we all have.  This is the most miserable my little one has ever been.  He has them absolutely everywhere including his inside mouth and eyelids.  The teen has tried her hardest to put a smile on his face and I have tried almost every treatment going to soothe his pain and make him as comfortable as possible.

Just after his bath

So what has worked so far?
The easy answer would be nothing.
We were given lots of suggestions by well meaning friends including Aveeno, Camomile Lotion (apparently the cream works best), warm baths, ice lollies, Bonjela, and Aqueous Cream and to my despair nothing seemed to help.  So at 4.30 in the morning, when I'd had just about all I could bear of little man's cries of pain, I toured the internet for solutions and one mum had suggested tea tree oil.  

There was no point in me trying to treat each spot as little man had so many, instead I mixed three drops of Tea Tree oil into one application of Aqueous Cream and massaged it into his skin.  Thankfully either the massage or pure exhaustion seemed to do the trick.  What I do know is that when he woke up later that morning the majority of his pox had scabbed over.  I have also been using coconut oil inside his mouth and to soothe his scalp.

Tongue looking much better thankfully!

We are now in the very itchy stage and as well as regular doses of Calpol to keep his frequently rising temperature down we are continuing with the Tea Tree oil and hoping for as little scarring as possible.  I must say that he has been fantastic at not scratching and as always is making me a proud mumma.

What were/are your solutions for solving the itch of chickenpox?

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