Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Because I'm Happy?

Who on earth can come up with 50 things that make them happy? At least that was my first thought when tagged by Ms Xpat and right now as I'm writing this I still think I will struggle to find 50 things.  If I can think of 10 feel free to multiply each by 5 as it would definitely make me happy doing 10 things I enjoy at least 5 times!  So without further hesitation and in no particular order here is my list.

1.  Spending time with my family in any capacity.  My family are some of the most crazy fun people you will come to know, from the very youngest to the oldest they all manage to put a smile on my face somehow.

2.  Travel, I don't get to do nearly enough of this mainly due to finances but I love to travel.  I love to discover new places and experience new cultures, it gives me a rush to be somewhere new doing something I might never have done before.

3.  Books/reading.  The smell of old books, the slightly worn pages of a classic novel and the escapism from life's stresses are just a few things that make me happy when it comes to literature.

4.  Learning.  I am one of those people that might be described as a life long learner.  I love learning something new and developing myself as a person.

5.  All things Natural hair.  If you haven't already check out my new YouTube channel and my Facebook Page.

6. Exercise and fitness.  I used to do a lot of sport in my youth and have now really gotten back into exercise and fitness.  I love going to the gym it is one of the best ways of keeping both my mind and body healthy.

7.  Sunshine, I don't have to be abroad to appreciate the sun.  Give me a sunny day anywhere and I am at my happiest.

8. Girls nights in.  I only have very few close friends and spending time with them on a night in with a bit of pampering is always a good laugh and the best opportunity for a mutual exchange of opinions (also known as gossip).

9.  Showers.  A strange one I know but I could literally spend hours in the shower, one of my ultimate home goals is to have a walk in shower with a ceiling 'rainfall' shower head.

10. Children/teaching.  There have been times where the pressure of teaching has made me unhappy but for the most part I love the rapport I am able to build with children and their parents, I love aiding the children in my care to learn and develop as individuals and I love knowing that I can make a difference.

11.  All things Bajan.  I am very proud of my origins, I love to wave my flag, dance to soca, sing the anthem (or at least what little I remember of it) and carry my Bajan id card.

12.  Shopping for clothes.  I am very much a bargain hunter, which I blame on my mother and I love to shop.  My most recent purchases have been things for the children in my family.

13. Orange Is the New Black, that Netflix original is the bomb.

14.  My daughter cheer-leading, she's gone from having two left feet to being a flyer in her squad and she's loving every minute.

15.  The beach

16. Wild animals and the zoo.  I would love to go on an open safari but until such time I make use of zoos everywhere, Barcelona zoo is one of my favourites so far.

17. Flavoured coffee.  I am partial to Starbucks but don't tell anyone.

18. Fudge, this should have been first on my list, above my children is fudge, creamy beautiful fudge.  Ok not really above my children but high up there somewhere.

19.  Childhood memories.  I had a lovely time growing up in my neighbourhood and those memories make me happy.

20. Food, or more specifically food from different cultures.  I love traditional Bajan food but I also love to try new foods and am particularly fond of Thai food.

21. Museums

22. Art galleries

23. photography

24. The woods/nature

25. Listening to rain on a tin roof

26. Rainbows

27. Creating something

28. Writing poetry

29. Writing in general

30. Inspiring people to do good/better

31. Little man kick boxing

32. Growing things in the garden

33.  Managing to keep the house tidy for more than an hour

34. Dancing

35. Intimacy

36.  losing weight

Excuse the floor we were decorating

37. Trying new smoothies

38. The farm

39. Walking around the house without clothes.  Don't judge me.

40. Yoga

41. Making money, I don't have a printing factory or anything, I just like getting paid.

42. Dried flowers

43. The Real house Wives of Atlanta

44. Charitable work

45. Road trips

46. Spa days

47. Quad biking

48. Snorkelling

49. Religious education

50. Criminal Law

I can't believe I actually got to 50, now it's your turn Jade at Single Super Mummy, Sara at Mum Turned Mom and Rachel at Trying for Sighs, what makes you happy?

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