Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I Like Milk, Do You?

After meeting the team at Britmums Live last year I wrote about A2 milk.  This year they sent me this...

Of course I was disgusted, how dare they send me photos of a half naked, tattooed man, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and some rugby boots and pouring milk down his fine well cut V shaped torso.  Of course I did not want to accept their invitation to drink milk off with Danny Cipriani.

Despite being very turned on off by the photo I decided that the important thing here was the opportunity to again hear about the benefits of A2 milk from the experts (nutritionist Melanie Bulger was on hand to give us the information we needed and to ask Danny how he overcame his issues with cows milk), after all A2 milk was the first step in getting my little man back onto cows milk.

The morning started off badly for me, I left my phone with the address on it at home and was afraid I would miss out on the opportunity, I had to go in a phone shop in Victoria and beg to use their technology to access my email.  Thankfully that worked and I arrived on time at the cutest little café, The SAID café in Soho.

Much to my relief disappointment on arrival Danny was there to great us, fully clothed, with an offering of hot chocolate. 

We received some great information about the difference in cows and why the protein in A2 cows is easier on our digestive system and the Q&A brought up many more possibilities of how A2 cows could, after research, benefit us in the future (A2 cheese, A2 meat).  I was completely ready to switch back to A2 Milk and little man has been drinking it ever since.

For more information about A2 milk and to find out how it can benefit your family and get you back to milk I suggest visiting their website.  Better yet follow them on twitter where I'm sure you will find more photos of their brand Ambassador England rugby star Danny Cipriani.

I attend this event for free and received a goody bag, all opinions are my own.
I am aware of the recent media reports surrounding Danny Cipriani's resent arrest and as he hasn't been charged with anything would much rather stare at his well toned body than pre judge his current situation.

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