Sunday, 14 June 2015

I Know I Left This Late BUT...

I'm going to Britmums Live again this year.  I have my glad rags, or at least I hope I will have them by Wednesday/Thursday as I left it a bit late looking for clothing (fingers crossed I won't look like I've scraped together my look at the last minute.)  I will be staying at the Mountcalm with my sister and ever so lovely bubba niece because this is totally like a holiday for us.  Look out for me, I might be the one doing cartwheels on the cobbles or working out the best way to handstand in a dress without showing the world my buns.

This is the outfit you would have seen me in had I not decided to get rid of it!

I've been a busy lady recently with the kids, work, the gym, a spot of hair modelling and working on my hair and health channel and I've been loving every minute of it.  Keeping busy helps to keep the D word at bay and for that I'm truly grateful as life and circumstance sometimes have the skill of bringing you down into the gutter and trying to keep you there.  Not to give that subject too much of my time, back to the subject of hair modelling.

My own little snap taken at home on my mobile after the shoot

Kel B in conjunction with Natural Hair Daily held photo shoots in London for a lucky selection of black or mixed race women with natural hair.  I had lots of fun on the day taking snaps and even featured in a hair street style gallery on since doing it I have gained more confidence to build on my hair and health facebook page by starting my very own Youtube channel, go me!

I'd love it if you can check out my channel and show me some love on my very first video and if you spot me at BritMums Live do come and say hello, I might look like I'll bite but that's my nervous face! x

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