Tuesday, 23 June 2015

5 Ways to Get Yourself a Date

You've been single for a while and it's time to get back into the dating game?  Well  I'm going to give you some tips on how to get a date without walking around half naked or going on a dating site (I have a dating site profile or two, I'm not judging you).  These tips are simple and based on events that have actually happened (go me getting asked on dates.)

So here goes...

Tip number 1 - Get out of bed and out of the house.

Seriously, I'm not sure who we think we are but some of us women think we are entitled to have a man fall from the sky and straight into our beds laps lives.  Get up early (do the school run if you have to) and go to your nearest coffee shop.  Smile at the attractive man that happens to be waiting for his coffee before heading off for work and watch the magic happen.  Do however start to worry if he manages to follow your moving car on foot and cuts you off at the pedestrian crossing just to get your number (yes this happened.)

Tip number 2 - When you make the effort to go to the gym, go hard then go home.

The regular gym goers will recognise you as someone who is dedicated to getting fit, even if you do have to wear 2 tops to cover your mum tum and spend 10 minutes figuring out how to use the machine before actually beginning your exercise.  You will soon find that a helpful regular will come up to you with the pretence of showing you how the equipment works before going on to tell you how he's "Noticed you and thinks you are beautiful," chaa ching date number two in the gym bag.

Tip number 3 - Stop for that good looking charity fundraiser.

You already give to charity regularly or may not be feeling very charitable but after a bit of small talk and politely declining, said charity worker will have spent enough time with you to notice you brushed your hair (and teeth) and actually you scrub up pretty good.  He will ask you a few more questions completely un-related to charity, all you have to do is answer with a knowing glint in your eye and wait for it... you have an incoming donation of his number scribbled on a charity leaflet.  (Of course you are then free to use said leaflet and actually give to charity)

Tip number 4 - Attend a course.

Learning something new is always a good thing and going on courses is a great way of meeting new people.  It is the course leaders job to make sure everyone gets to know each other a little better so that the course runs smoothly.  If you arrive just on time and position yourself near enough to anyone who has caught your fancy when you are asked to work in groups, hey presto.  Make time for after course drinks and accept the offer to have your drink bought for you (even if you're only having a juice), conversations will start to flow and this is where you can let the world (or at least the people you're sitting with) know how amazing you are with your winning smile and quick wit.  "We should do this again."  Will soon become an all too familiar phrase in your list of worst chat up lines.

Tip number 5 - Always dress to impress.

You don't have to impress anyone but yourself so if your oversize jumper and tracksuit bottoms do it for you then by all means go with it, after all any man that ends up with you will eventually see you in all your dribbled face, bed hair glory, however confidence is key.  Wear that jumper as though you are Queen Makeda and attract yourself a King Solomon.  

And if all else fails, take yourself on a date, you're worth it.  If you are anything like me you will be asked on all these dates and turn up to none of them!  

This post though based on true events is meant to be humorous.  Yes these things happened to me but by accident rather than by plan, live your life have fun, be yourself and the dates will come (fingers crossed).  Oh and of course don't forget to take your vitamins,  they give you a glow or at least they seem to do the job for me.

I was sent a supply of vitamins which my daughter has been taking, I also take vitamins on a daily basis and recommend them as part of a healthy diet.  All of the opinions in this post are my own and the last sentence was written for the purpose of sponsored advertising.

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