Saturday, 28 February 2015

Time to Switch? (a sponsored post)

The economy is improving they say, tell that to my bank who are contently offering me loans and credit cards which my regular zero balance so obviously indicates my need for.  People probably get sick of me saying this but I'm a single parent.  I say it a lot, especially to my friends who insist that I should get out more, as much as I'd like to buy everyone a round of drinks and order a few shots my budget just doesn't stretch to that.  Given any opportunity to save money, be it buying the dress with a stain or purchasing food that is minutes away from the expiry date I am not one to turn my nose up at the opportunity.

There are of course areas in which I don't scrimp and save like my children's birthdays, or my hair products (a girl has to have some luxuries) but even then I still shop around for the best deals.  

A tiny bit obsessed with my hair and selfies at the moment just in case you couldn't tell!

I recently, due to being at the end of my contract and very willing to cancel, haggled my sky bill down to just £15.  However when it comes to lowering my energy bills I'm totally clueless mainly because I don't understand the charges and don't have the help to sit down and work out what my bill actually means when it says price per kw/h rate day, night, in your dreams or something along those lines as I can't remember the last time I actually bothered to look at a bill in detail.  

Apparently making the time to understand my bill could save me around £200 a year,  possibly more, now I don't know about you but I could certainly think of something to do with an extra £200.  Perhaps that girls night out?  A UK break with the kids?  A trip up to Old Trafford to catch a game? Or maybe a couple of unstained dresses ;) 

I know which option he'd choose!

Whatever I'd do with the money it's definitely worth finding out how much I could save.  Here is where this handy website comes along. is a website set up by Ofgem that not only makes it easier for you to understand your energy bills by providing downloadable guides but also helps you compare energy tariffs across suppliers and guides you to helpful Ofgem accredited comparison sites.  And if you think switching takes forever, think again, switching times have fallen from 5 weeks to as little as 17 days.

I've switched suppliers before by crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, which probably isn't the wisest way to go about it but now with more than 27 independent suppliers you have a much better chance of finding a tariff that suits your needs.

Now where did I put my energy bill???

P.S  always read the small print ;)

I'm working with BritMums and DECC alongside the #PowerToSwitch campaign.  I have been compensated for my time.  All editorial opinions are my own.  Visit for more information about switching energy suppliers.

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