Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Authors of our Footprints

I awaited the coming of a new year in my pjs with my two most precious gifts.  I thought about all the things that 2014 had brought and imagined all that might come in 2015.  I wish I could say I was full of laughter and smiles but the truth is I was a bit of a grump.  Little man had worn himself out by 11pm and had fallen asleep on the floor, the teen was engrossed in conversation with her 'besties' via facebook and I sat on the sofa playing chess on my phone and counting down the minutes until 12 when I could finally send her to bed.

The BBC countdown began and we counted along shouting happy new years.  As Big Ben tolled we hugged, kissed and said our good nights and I was finally left alone.  What did I do with this precious longed for alone time?  I drank my glass of Disaronno and cranberry juice, picked up my reading book and headed up the stairs.  I need to make sure I have a little more fun in 2015!

We begin this new year with a clean slate, this year, like an untouched beach, has allowed us to stand bare foot and leave our mark, we can choose to run, walk, skip, jump, in straight lines or up and down and in circles, however we do it is our choice, we are the authors of our footprints in the sand.

Happy New Year everybody x

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