Saturday, 22 November 2014

R.I.P Beautiful Soul

On November 15th 2014 a beautiful girl aged just 14 took her own life.  Her family cried, my daughter cried, I cried, the community cried.  There are so many questions left unanswered when one so young decides that this world is just too much for them to bear.  When they decide that although they are loved, and as much as they love back, the hatred in this world is just too overwhelming.  It seems that although she touched the hearts of many and lit their faces with smiles her own smile was covering up a pain that she could not share.

Yesterday we attended a memorial for my daughters friend.  It was one arranged by her friends to celebrate her life and say goodbye to someone they all loved.  I stood in the background and listened on, it was clear from the stories her friends and loved ones told that Ashdon was a young girl full of love for others, she would be the listening ear, the adviser, the one who would start dancing and laughing and lighten the mood in any situation.  

Her friends were left in disbelief that they would no longer see her big bun or her smiling face skipping towards them down the hallway; that they would no longer get to meet her "at 7.35 sharp," because she didn't like to be late and most heartfelt was that they would no longer get to share the future they had imagined in her company.  She is no longer a phone call away and as hard as that is for the girls to deal with, they did her proud yesterday and left everyone there with positive memories of a life gone to soon.

Her mum and close relatives were in attendance and towards the end of the memorial, after a song her some of her friends had made for her, most members of her family and friends released blue (Ashdon's favourite colour) balloons and said goodbye to a beautiful soul.

R.I.P Ashdon

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