Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Get organised for the New Year (A Review)

I think my lack of Christmas spirit over the years has slowly rubbed off on my children.  The princess is not bothered about it at all and little man is insistent that he doesn't want a tree, or presents from Santa.  In his own words, 
"Santa is scary 'cause he goes down the chimney." 
He doesn't mind mummy getting him gifts but as far as Santa goes, he's staying well clear.

I always buy a few gifts for the children but don't often buy myself Christmas presents however what I do buy for myself at the beginning of every new year, either calender year or school year, is a new diary.  I like to think that as each new year approaches I will have lots of fun and interesting meetings or outings to add to it, the truth is many of the pages are filled merely with birthdays, doodles or  the odd note about a school I have to attend.  My daughter on the other hand has a much busier social life which, for my sanity, I need to start documenting.  

My newest diary happens to be one where I can document both my week's plans and the children's weekly plans side by side which gives me the comfort of making sure I don't book a lunch date when I have to rush off and pick up the teen from Beauty and The Beast practice.

Left hand side for my week, right hand side for everyone else's week

This diary comes courtesy of Mum's Office, which has a range of "beautiful stationary designed for mothers managing and organising family life."  The Mum's Diary 2015 I received is of really good quality, it has different sections for important information such as pocket money record, personal information and contacts as well as a section to note your overview for the year.  The diary comes in a range of colours and is a nice size to be able to write a brief note for the day yet is still small enough to fit in your handbag.

If you are looking to be more organised for your family life then these diaries are certainly worth a look at.

Better still, if you're not a scrooge like me, you may want to buy one as a gift for one of your mummy friends or family.

I received a complimentary Mum's diary 2015 for the purpose of this review.

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