Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Series on Channel 5's Milkshake coming soon!

My siblings and I didn't spend much time watching television as a children, we were out on our bikes, playing forty forty home, curby or chicken run through the neighbour's gardens.  The few shows we did watch were the classics like Thunder Cats,  fraggle rock, He Man and Jem (I'm really showing my age here.)   Nowadays society is changing, children don't play out together as much and parents don't feel safe to leave them to.  

Technology is taking over and television or gaming seems to be the activity of choice.  Some parents are often taking work home and TV becomes a pacifier so they can get things done without too much interference.  All that being said, there is room for a little bit of television, so when we were asked to review a new pre-school series coming to Channel 5's Milkshake on Monday 20th October, we decided that little man could take a break from playing in the rainy garden and spend his days quota watching the 2 review episodes (Legend of the Sea Monster and Toots Talent Contest.)

'Toot The Tiny Tugboat' is an animated series featuring a, "tiny tugboat with a big heart"  it is based on the book Toot and Pop by Sebastien Braun.  With a host of seafaring characters to keep him busy, such as the watchful lighthouse Lenny and the playful Paula the Trawler, Toot sets about his adventures rescuing ships.  With his lack of experience he tends to get himself into problems but Toot is an overcomer and always ends up making things right.  This series aims to show children that, "no matter how small they are, they are capable of big things."  

Little man was immediately hooked by the playful theme tune and as preschoolers are was very ready to throw questions at mummy such as, what is Lenny?  What's a Trawler?  What are sea monsters?  He eagerly put on the second episode and got very upset when I informed him we would not be watching them both again.

I'm not really into cartoons but as this one goes it's not too bad, the episodes seem to have good morals behind them and from what I've watched so far they use some good sea terminology that will encourage youngsters to learn about life at sea.

To watch for yourself Tune in to Channel 5's Milkshake daily from Monday 20th October, "Heave Ho!  Let's go!"

I was sent a dvd containing 2 episodes of the series for the purpose of this review.

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