Monday, 29 September 2014

Excited Squeals

There are excited squeals coming from my living room and had I not been alone in the room I would have sworn they were coming from someone else.  The reason for this excitement you ask?  Well I will let you out of your misery for you are more than likely sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation, or rather wishing I'd stop rambling and get to the point.  The point is this...

The circus is coming to town and I've been invited to go and watch.  Just shows my positive outlook this morning has paid off.  And ladies and gents this is not just any circus, this is Billy Smart's Circus UK.  That's a couple of hours of humans throwing themselves in the air, swinging on trapeze and foot juggling on the back of motorbikes, a live band and much more purely for my entertainment.  The last time I went to a circus was in Spain and that was fabulous so I have high expectations for this one.

The 3 London locations are:

Addington Park in Addington, Croydon from Wednesday 1st to Sunday 5th October.

Danson Park, Bexleyheath from Tuesday 7th to Sunday 12th October.

Ealing Common from  Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 2nd November.

For further information or if you'd like to book tickets visit their website or facebook page where they have lots more information on the days times and acts.  You can also get tickets by calling their information line 01132602444 or visiting their on site box office.

And if you still aren't sure here is a little preview...

See You there!

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