Friday, 1 August 2014

So U Think I'm Crazy

I finally got the chance to see the whole of the Know Your Mind community group production 'So U Think I'm Crazy'.  I spoke to the writer and director Ekanem Hines after the performance and told her as I'd enjoyed the play so much I would write a review on my blog.  

The thing is how do you begin to review such a outstanding production and do it justice?  Not only did the play have a fabulous cast that really brought their characters to life but it also covered imperative information on the topic of mental health and the pressures mental health service providers are under because of the cuts.  It also touched on the police stop and search policy and how it can sometimes discriminate against black youth, especially black males.

Ekanem has written a brutally honest play that expresses the raw emotion that is felt by not only those who have to access the care but also those who are the care givers.  Her heartfelt production comes from a place of deep understanding having not only worked in the profession as a social worker in mental health and child protection but also through her personal experience of being a carer for someone in her life.  This really is a must see.

Ekanem held a Q&A session after the performance, one of the actors were asked how they connected to the character they were playing he responded saying, "I want to tell the story for those who are unable to tell it for themselves."  

We sometimes forget to listen for the voices that struggle to be heard and this play helps us to do this.

If you are interested in supporting the Know My Mind team with their work bringing awareness to the struggles within the mental health system you can find them via any of the options below.

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