Thursday, 28 August 2014

Crafting with the DryNites team

Last week I joined the DryNites team at a Camden craft studio Tea & Crafting, a beautiful little studio set up in 2009 by Jane Gois that immediately makes you want to pull out your knitting needles and get creating.

I had been asked by the DryNites team to come and participate in some craft whilst discussing the very important issue of helping our little ones to become dry at night.  The princess's journey to becoming dry at night was simple, I put her in knickers and at just 2 years old she would get up to go to the toilet, we rarely had accidents.  Little man's journey however has been very different, although he is dry in the day we are still working on the night time, that means finding positive solutions to help him through this stage of his journey.

Tamara Melvin, former finalist in The Great British Sewing Bee, has created a series of craft projects aimed at highlighting age appropriate influences at night time and normalizing the bed wetting phase .  Joining forces with DryNites and with the support of child psychologist Emma Kenny, Tamara hopes to promote understanding of the bed wetting phase and encourage parents to talk about it and realize it is a normal part of growing up.  What most people don't realise is that 1 in 5 of all five year olds wet the bed on a regular basis, it is not something that disappears after they become preschoolers.

One Tamara made earlier

There are two fun projects which 6 other bloggers and I had a go at.  The first was a lamp that children can use to guide themselves to the toilet at night. We were asked to bring in a few of our child/ren's old toys which would be used to decorate the base making the lamp really special for them.  I loved the Scooby Doo collection that one of the other bloggers brought with them, though had they been mine as soon as I found out they were to be painted I would have put them straight back in my bag!

It's amazing how dedicated we all were to creating lovely pieces to add to our children's room.  With little man in mind I probably chose the worst colour combination possible.  Thankfully he loves the finished product.

What was also great was the open discussions we as mothers were able to have with Emma, Tamara, Jane (also mothers) and the DryNites team about potty training, bed wetting and how to get through those periods that can sometimes be a stressful time for both parents and children. 

Emma engaging us in discussion

After a lovely lunch break and more conversation we went back to work and completed our second project, a pin board for the children to input photos or notes of the special moments in their day.  Most parents brought with them colourful bits of fabric to create their pin boards, I brought one of Little Man's old cot sheets to add some sentimental value.  Should you want to try out any of the craft projects yourself you can download the instructions here.

The projects were lots of fun to make and Tamara has some great ways of involving the children.  We were sent away with some very useful information about getting through this period as well as some great DryNites products to try.  I was very much a fan of huggies pull-ups when we started potty training and am also a fan of DryNites products and use them with Little man regularly.  Little man can have the independence of putting on his DryNites pants before bed and can have a relaxed sleep and because we still co-sleep I can rest assured that I will not wake up in a wet patch wondering if I'd had a toilet dream ;) and should we forget his pants and end up with a wet bed the DryNites bed mats offer that extra protection for the mattress whilst keeping the little one comfortable.

For more information on DryNites products, to order a sample or to purchase click here.

I took part in the crafting and received a goody bag for the purposes of this post.

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