Saturday, 9 August 2014

Birthday Party Play Zones (ideas on how to organise a garden party for young children)

I started a part time summer job in a sports shop which so far has been good but tiring, this does mean that I get two fewer days to do fun things with the children.  As such I've made sure that when we do have an activity day we really make the most of it.  

On Tuesday little man celebrated his 3rd brithday there was very little family there as most of his cousins are living abroad or away for the holidays so we decided on a garden party with just a few special friends.  I must say that planning a party is much easier when there are less than 10 children invited.  

Little man helping me make his cake

I grabbed some bits from the pound shop for treats and snacks as well as plates and cups, made a few sandwiches and had two cakes, (one shop brought one home made).  Mum helped out with a few of her bajan fish cakes and mixed some juice and I set up our little garden with different play zones.

These were the zones:
1. Bounce Zone with Thomas the Tank Engine bouncy castle which we got for a great price online at Debenhams.
2. Ball Pit
3. Colour Zone with paper, paints, scissors, colouring pencils/pens and crayons.
4. Build Zone with Lego on a blanket for the children to sit and build.
5. Ball zone which consisted of 3 footballs for the children to grab and go, admittedly there was not enough space for a game of football but they still managed to entertain themselves with the balls at some point.
6. Sand and Water Play Zone.

Partners in Crime

Little man was so pleased to have his friends around, especially his partner in crime, who's mum Connie and I have been friends since childhood.  When the two of them get together, which really isn't often enough, they have such a giggle, much like Connie and I.

Me, princess and my mum all ended the day felling like the party was exactly what we wanted it to be, little man had fun with his friends, the adults relaxed and had a good chat and everyone at some point managed to smile, who wouldn't smile when there is outdoor fun and cake?

His simple homemade victoria sponge cake

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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