Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Book or The Movie?

Last Thursday I took my class to the local library, library trips seem to be an annual thing in most schools and one that I think is very necessary.  For some children the trip to the library with school is the first time they ever step foot in one.  I was very pleased that the majority of my class do have library cards however I was disappointed when the librarian asked, 

"Would you rather read the book first or watch the movie?"

All but one child said they would rather watch the movie first.  Whatever happened to the days when young children would be so engrossed in a book that you would have to hold hot wings under their noses just to get their attention?  I'm lucky that The Teen Princess seems to fit just inside the generation of those still more interested in books than TV shows, She insisted that we read 'The Fault in Our Stars' quickly before the release of the movie and I am glad we did and I highly recommended it. I am however unfortunate enough still to have to suffer watching her use her ipod (brought by grandma S) as a book mark, just in case she misses a tweet or a new Instagram picture of Chelsee Healey.  

Little man I do worry about, he does love to be read to and when you've read one book he soon follows that up with requests for three more however he has become reluctant to sit and 'read' on his own and has developed a thing for youtube.  It started off as a treat, I'd let him watch an episode or two of Raa Raa the Noisy Lion so I could get some work done, now I fear he knows how to use YouTube and BBC iplayer on my phone better than I do.  On more than one occasion whilst I'm distracted by cleaning, lesson prep, event planning and writing (or falling asleep whilst the computer watches me) he has run my battery down with French versions of Peppa Pig and gone in search of grandmas phone, or The Princess's ipod to feed his obsession all over again.  I worry that by being busy I am letting him forget the magic of a good book, the wonder of new discoveries at the turn of every page and the images escaping out of the story into his imagination.  We do make the effort to read at least one book a day but I know I could do better.

Before work and business I would make time to read in the tent, read him a story whilst flying him to the moon in a cardboard box, take him to the library and explore new books, make up stories in the park or on a walk in the woods, now I fear that other things are taking over and the threat looms that he may become one of those children who would rather watch the movie first.

So now I have to do something about it, little man and I have to learn to be in love with books again, so in love that if given the choice he would pick a book over a movie any day.

Super Busy Mum

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