Sunday, 1 June 2014

Seaside Fun - Country Kids

Before little man came along the princess and I were used to going on mini adventures, jumping in the car and ending up wherever the road lead us.  We were worried that with little man's car sickness we would never again get much further than a hours drive away from home.  Thankfully he now seems a lot less anxious when we travel by car and has stopped handing us the contents of his stomach in plastic bags.

Little man has been consistently asking me to go on holiday (I blame Peppa Pig for that) and as much as I'd like to take them away raising two children on a part time salary is challenging enough without adding luxuries like holidays to the mix.  As a compromise I told him we could go on a one day holiday by car.

We jumped in the car, planning to go to Southend but with no SatNav and a willingness to end up anywhere, our journey ended in Eastbourne.

The weather was fantastic and there wasn't a crowd of people fighting for space.  We had a great time collecting rocks, playing by the waters edge, enjoying the sea breeze, playing in the arcade and generally being silly.  This was one of those days that you make a special file for  in your memory bank and never let it go.

Mum and The Princess

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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