Monday, 23 June 2014

#BritMumsLive, Two Ticks and a Wish

In my current school when marking the children's books we use two ticks and a wish type marking.  I'm not sure about this sometimes as it's like building someone up then pulling them back down again nevertheless I may end up using this methodology to talk about my first BritMums Live experience.

Women's voices and the media was one of the highlights.  The moment I loved most was when Helen Wills of Actually Mummy commented on the fact that she was still wearing her tiara and thought she might not be taken seriously because of it.  Perhaps it's the fact that I work with children or that I spend most of my time with a toddler who believes that swimsuits should be worn on all occasions but I didn't even notice that Helen was still wearing her tiara. What she had to say mattered, she could have been dressed in a monkey suit with a tutu on her head and I still would of taken her seriously because she had something of value to share with us and I think that's the point she was making, all of us have something of value to say and our voices matter.

I really enjoyed meeting with the representatives of the brands, for the most part they were friendly and had a lot of information and advice about what they do and how to work with them.  The also had great photo opportunities and competitions.

You obviously have cups of tea at your feet in the mountains :-)

I was a bit gutted that there were so many great sessions at the same time and I probably missed some of the ones I would have enjoyed the most.  Nigel camps session was fab, a real eye opener on making the most of your mobile phone but Emily Beecher's  story telling session was by far my favourite, she made it practical and brought out our creativity whilst still encouraging us to be honest and true to our own voices, not to mention her musical that I now have tickets for (excited grin.)  I had really wanted to hear Benjamin Brooks-Dutton speak but being that we had a late night Friday with a blogger pal (single super mummy) we met that day, I woke up late and missed it.

Thankfully I did get a chance to say hello when I purchased a copy of his book It's not raining daddy, it's happy.

Also the few bloggers that I met and interacted with were all lovely, I will have to push myself to talk to more next time, there were so many I wanted to meet but my anxiety at the thought of approaching new people held me back, I was very grateful my sister came along with me.  It might also have been nicer to have the name badges a little higher up so I didn't feel like a weirdo trying to read them :-)

My big sis and I rocking our Tiaras

Being in London a city that is famed as a multicultural melting pot there was very little representation from ethnic minorities, this is of course not the fault of the organisers but an observation all the same.

The key note speeches at the end had me go from a blubbering wreck (especially Sarah Pylas whose experiences of miscarriage I could really relate to) to a giggling nutter and were a great end to what turned out to be two lovely days.  Oh and of course there was the wine, lots and lots of wine!

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