Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Morning Stories

Weekday mornings in our house vary, from rushing the teen off so I can have five minutes peace before little man wakes up, to jumping up an hour before my alarm thinking that I'm late for work.  

I'd like to say that we are the perfect family and have wonderful sit down breakfasts with coffee and conversation and that we never miss a single one, but apart from little man who asks for porridge the moment his eyes sense daylight, we are not great breakfast eaters.  

Many a time has the teen been seen running out the door with her jacket hanging off one arm and a clementine threatening to drop out of the other me shouting after her, "Is that all you're having?"  I just about manage a cup of hot lemon water myself before rushing off for meetings,  dropping off the children before work or fulfilling promises of a trip to the park for little man.  Therefore when got the opportunity to review belVita breakfast biscuits I jumped at the chance.  What better way to encourage the teen and I to have breakfast than to provide it in a portion sized packet that we can grab before we go, along with our fruit of course!

I would love to tell you we were able to get breakfast in before leaving home every day but unfortunately we still had days like this...
Little man still in his pjs as we rush to get princess to school on time

and this...

Trying to finish eat while setting up for lessons

But of course there were the less stressful days where I did manage breakfast at home.  I had 3 flavours to try; milk & cereals, fruit & fibre and yogurt crunch .  I loved all except the yogurt crunch and princess felt the same, little man liked them all.  I loved the milk & cereals pack so much that I went out and brought another!

belVita recommend having fruit and a low fat dairy with their biscuits as part of a balanced breakfast

I even had time for a selfie that morning!

I was given 3 packets of belvita breakfast biscuits and a Costa voucher for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own.

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