Friday, 30 May 2014

I wish I had more time

I'm not made for this restricted life.  I need time that stretches to meet my imagination on the other side of magic.  I need time that sees months spent in every country of the world, nights watching stars on rooftops and butterflies escape cocoons.

I'm not made for this limited life.  I need to dress models in Milan, write articles for Cosmopolitan and lead cases at the old bailey.  I need time that sees angel babies resurrected, missed moments rewound and played again whilst treasure is captured at the end of rainbows.

I'm not made for this unacquainted life.  I need to hunt for food beneath the earth, dine with queens and know my worth, swim with octopus and Sea dragons.  I need time that sees man living amidst the clouds, energy created by thoughts and nations united as one.

I'm not made for this loveless life.  I need to play with my children, hunt for flowers in enchanted woods and plan a journey to the moon.  I need time that sees numbers counted up to infinity, letters turned into words and experiences brought to life as poetry on paper towels.


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