Wednesday, 30 April 2014

And pigs might fly! - Country Kids

Over the holidays the princess and I took little man back to visit our local farm, he'd been asking for ages so with the sun shining and nothing else on we granted his wish.

The thing is, toddlers are funny creatures.  They are small and for the most part cute and innocent looking but boy can they be a handful!

All was going well we walked around the farm visiting all our favourite animals then we stopped in at the small pets area paid our £2 per child to stroke the pets and the stroking began.  

I wasn't sure at first if little man would one to hold one of the pets to himself, he's always been a bit afraid of animals but after seeing him with the rabbit we decided to give him a go with a guinea pig.  He was a little disinterested in her at first as he was still admiring the rabbit, however he soon decided that he liked both the guinea pig and the rabbit.

Judging from these photos you might think well what's the problem?  He looks totally well behaved and engaged with the animals and that's because the problem occurred after Princess swapped her rabbit for a duckling and mummy put her phone away to admire said duckling.

To the horror on the faces of both Princess and I when the guinea pig was launched into the air and thrown off little mans lap in protest of not having a duckling for himself, that was a moment which would have made hilarious viewing.  

Thankfully the guinea pig was unharmed and the staff seemed totally unfazed by my toddlers actions, we will of course return to the farm but I may just keep him away from the small pets area for a while!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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