Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Favourite Place

I don't have a favourite place as such, anywhere I can be with my family and feel happy is a nice place to be.  

I especially love being around nature.  I like to hear the birds sing, watch the squirrels play, see the ducks legs move frantically in the water as they glide seemingly effortlessly across it.  I love to watch the dogs being walked and I love to smell nature all year round.

I love to visit somewhere new, to have the adrenaline rush of exploring somewhere I've never been before.  I love to find hidden treasures in the heart of busy towns and to pick up stones that hold memories for years to come.

Most of all I love the feeling of peace I get from walking among the trees  and the rivers, the miracles given to us to have that little bit of heaven in our lives.

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