Saturday, 15 February 2014

Sorry Seedlings!

Anyone who knows me will know that far from having green fingers, I have red fingers, they scream at any plants in my vicinity to pick up their roots and run as far away as possible.  Regardless of that, with the weather threatening to cause damage if we stayed out too long, we decided to bring the outdoors inside and do some planting.

We popped over to our local garden center where little man decided to take a little run around before stopping to choose his seedlings. Thankfully the staff in the center were brilliant and helped us choose everything we needed to grow our own 'money maker tomato'.  Little man was very excited to have his own box of treats ready to take home and "watch them grow".

When we got home it was pretty easy going, little man, unlike me, knew exactly what to do.  He counted out his pots and put in a little soil before adding his seedlings.  Unfortunately he was a little rough so one got broken but we planted it all the same.  He then topped up the soil and watered them.  Thank God for grandmothers, she taught him well and I could almost have sat down with a cuppa and let him get on with it!

Now all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed and watch them grow?  

Any tips for my red fingers would be much appreciated as I would hate to kill little mans seedlings before they bear fruit.  Fingers crossed for some good weather next week so we can at least take a stroll in the woods with teen princess in tow.

I'm joining in with Fiona's #CountryKids  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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