Monday, 9 December 2013

Liebster Award

Back in October the lovely Sara who blogs at mumturnedmom Nominated me for a Liebster award.  For one reason or another I didn't get around to writing my post then, but with the cold weather making me hibernate I have a little more time.

A Liebster award is a nice way for someone to tell you they like your blog and also to find out a little more about you and spread the blog love.  To paraphrase Sara, it's a good way for others to find new blogs and is sort of like a blogging chain letter.

I'm a bit confused about the rules but this is how I understood them

1. Post 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you
3. Choose up to 11 people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. Remember no tag backs

Ok so here goes 11 facts about me:

1. I was born in Barbados but moved to England when I was four.

2. I run a social enterprise called Women Know Your Worth that focuses on building up the self esteem of women in my local area through motivational workshops.  I have run this with my sister and friend for a year now and we received a community grant for it.

3.  I love reading whenever I get a moment and often get lost in true stories or novels with conflict and romance.  I love the classics like 'Jane Eyre' but I also love novels like 'The White Masai' by Corinne Hofmann and 'Memoirs of a Geisha' by Arthur Golden

4. I've been celibate for 3 years (since my 4th week of pregnancy) and don't plan on changing that any time soon.

5.  My greatest fear is drowning but I've snorkeled in Egypt and jumped off a boat in the middle of the sea in Barbados.

6. I love fudge and have done since I was younger which is why I got the nickname I use on twitter @fudgyann

7. I'm passionate about learning and everyone having the opportunity to have an education.

8. I'm currently addicted to candy crush and spend far to much time playing it on my phone.

9. I hate stepping on snails and will act like a child if I do happen to step on one.

10. I love to travel and might one day like to relocate so a country rich in culture and tradition.

11. I have a thing about monkey's and other wild animals, show me a photo of a baby monkey and my heart melts.
How can your heart not melt at this?

Now to answer Sara's questions:

1. How did your blog get its name?
My blog got its name because my daughter calls me mumma when she wants something and the first letter of my name is G.

2. What fictional character would you most like to meet?
I would most like to meet Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

3. Where in the world would you most like to live?
I would most like to live somewhere like Brazil or Morocco.

4. What is your dream job?
My dream job would be a criminal law barrister.

5. What is your favourite meal?
My favourite meal is Thai green curry.

6. What motto best describes your approach to life?
Show kindness and amazing things will happen.

7. What is your earliest childhood memory?
My earliest childhood memory is of arguing with my one year old brother about who's dad our dad was.

8. What has been your most important life lesson?
I have learnt to guard my heart, but not so much that I would never let love in.

9. What are you frightened of?
An unfulfilled life and what happens after life.

10. Are you a glass half full/glass half empty person?
Glass half full

11. How would you like to be remembered?
I'd like to be remembered as someone who made a difference and showed love in the process.

Now for my nominations, it's hard sometimes to work out how many followers a blog has so I have done my best to pick 5 blogs with less than 200 followers from my favourites.  Apologies if you have already received a Liebster Award but that just means I'm not the only person who thinks you're fab.  In no particular order here are my 5 choices :)

Trying for Sighs
A Patchwork Life
Living With Mr M & Les enfants
Tiger Tales
Make Me an Earth Mother

Should you want to take part here are my 11 questions for you:

1. What is the one thing you value most in your life?
2. If you could meet one celebrity who would you choose?
3. If money was not an option where would you go to relax?
4. Given the choice do you walk, cycle or drive?
5. If you have any, what is your biggest regret?
6. What is the name of your favourite film and why?
7. What is the best meal you've ever had?
8. How long have you been blogging?
9. What is you favourite quote?
10. If you could be granted one wish what would it be?
11. Which high street shop do you like the most?

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