Monday, 4 November 2013

Time to Change

My daughter makes me proud all of the time but there are certain times when she speaks and the pride swells almost to bursting point.  One such time was this week when we were discussing a program she had watched on channel 4 about real life hospital incidents.  She came to me saying that she had to tell me about this show and how terrible some things in life are.  

Her concern was that not enough was being done in hospitals to support those with mental illness.  She found it disturbing that someone could go into hospital having tried to commit suicide and be bandaged up and sent home within a few hours, and if they were lucky they could have a 15 minute conversation with someone from the psyche team, no real aftercare.  In one instance it was stated that only if a person came back within two weeks they knew the conversation didn't work.  

Out of the mouth of babes.

Most of these people are at the stage where they are desperate to end their lives or so desperate to get help that trying to end there lives seems like the only answer.

After having discussed the show with her I watched it myself and one of the lines that stuck with me was, "It's from the wealthiest people to the poorest people and everybody in between."  Mental health issues do not discriminate and unfortunately the right support is not widely available to those who need it most.  

Those with mental health issues are still stigmatised.  One of the emergency call operatives said during the show, "I'm trying to spell schizophrenic, It's not politically correct to say mad is it."  We live in a society where people with mental illness are put into a box called mad and if they don't have the right people around them to fight their corner, are left there to rot, or pumped full of drugs that sometimes do them more harm than good.  

I'm not a doctor, I don't know the right thing to do, but I do know that more needs to be done to support those with mental illnesses and their families.  I've known at least six people who have because of struggling to cope with their mental illness have tried to commit suicide and sadly two of them succeeded.  I'm grateful for shows that bring awareness and I'm thankful that there are people, my daughter included, who recognise that something needs to be done.

I found the video below through the Time to Change website and thought it was a good one to share.
I didn't write this post because anyone asked me to, I wrote it because it is a cause close to my heart.

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