Sunday, 17 November 2013

Listography - Favourite 80s Game Shows

Kates listography is being hosted by mums the word this week and I've decided to join in with my top five game shows of the 80s/90s so here goes...

Taking the top spot is blind date, which the teen princess has just informed me that she watched in HISTORY class, thanks for making me feel old princess :)  I found a great comic relief episode and have included it it here for you!

At joint first, but number 2 for the purposes of the list, is the Crystal Maze, this fun filled adventure game had me and my brother glued to the TV and arguing over who we thought would win.  

3. Family Fortunes, we were quite shallow with this one and always wanted the best looking family to win, no matter how clever the other family was.

4. wheel of fortune,  we loved this game so much that my mum brought the board game to play at Christmas.

5. name that tune

So that concludes my list, why not join in and make your own list or head over to mum's the word to see what other peoples favourites are.

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