Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge

I'm taking place in the Mission Deli Wraps blogger challenge which means I will (If I can stay sane) post at least one of the challenges that I've done during the week.  

The challenges this week were:
1)    Make an indoor camp for you and your little ones to enjoy an adventurous lunch in
2)    Make lunch for your neighbour – either at work or at home!
3)    How many ways can you eat a tomato – inspired by La Tomatina, we challenge you to use tomatoes in every lunch you make this week (different each day!)
4)    Put the kids in charge of lunch for a week.

I can't do number 4 because putting The Teen Princess in charge of lunch would mean I starve, and putting Little Man in charge would mean I eat nothing but paint, play dough or yogurt (at least the last one of these is a food).  So I've chosen to do number one, sort of!

My sister unexpectedly popped in today with my nephew.  I had already planned for little man and I to have lunch in the tent.  As we all couldn't fit in, we let the boys have lunch in the tent whilst we sat just outside to monitor their food swapping activities.

I feel I may have been a bit too ordinary with my choice today nevertheless the boys enjoyed it and their mess was a lot easier to clean up as it was contained in the tent.  I may have to add another of the weeks challenges and make it a lot less ordinary!

I will be using the wraps in some lunches soon but in the meantime go to their facebook page and check them out. 

This is not a sponsored post but it is part of a competition to win various prizes.

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