Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Gallery - Halloween (My World Vision Lantern of Hope)

This week on the Gallery Tara's has aptly chosen the theme Halloween.  I never really get involved with Halloween; the dressing up, trick or treating or pumpkin carving.  In fact I had never carved a pumpkin until yesterday.

The reason I decided to carve one this year is because of world visions 'A Night of Hope' I was asked to support the campaign which they discribe as, "Our children enjoy the frights of Halloween one night a year, but for many children around the world there are real things to be afraid of. World Vision is fighting to make the world a safer place for young people vulnerable to child marriage, malnutrition, dirty water and more. Read more about how we helped Sylvia from Uganda escape child marriage at fifteen on our campaign page:

Carve a pumpkin as a lantern of hope to stand together with us and Sylvia to spread a message of care instead of fear."

What better way to carve my first pumpkin than to use the experience to bring awareness to a wonderful cause.  I would hate for my children to have to live in such fear, so my photo for the gallery this week is my lantern of hope carved by me the teen and the mini teen (little man thought pumpkin was t0o yukky to join in).

Head over to the Gallery to see some more Halloween fun.

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