Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Our first Duet

I may have blogged about this photo before, I'm not sure, but this is one of my favourite photographs of the teen before she became a teen.

Her excited grin as she clung to her rabbit in the early hours of the morning in a Spanish car park waiting for our coach to arrive and take us to Castell Medieval.  However it is not the memories of Castell Medieval that makes this special to me but the fact it was our first holiday with just the two of us.

Being only 18 when I had the teen I never had the chance to have the 'girls holiday' experience.  I holidayed with my family (mum, brother & dad if he could be bothered) and we always went back home to Barbados.  Not that I'm complaining, going to Barbados was then and is still a wonderful experience for me and time spent with my extended family but it was always one where I had to wait on other people to want to go somewhere.

When I decided on this trip Spain I booked all inclusive but we did not do the relaxed, stay in the hotel or travel to the nearest beach type holiday.  We would pack a day bag and jump on the train and head to whatever destination it took us, most days this was Barcelona.  We love Barcelona.

The memories that this photo brings me are of pure love,  I believe going on holiday is an experience that can really test any relationship and travelling alone with a child has the potential to be very stressful.  My princess made it a joy for me and we bonded more than ever which is why this photo will always be one of my favourites. 

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