Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lunch Less Ordinary Hits the Roof

As you may already know I've been chosen to take part in the Mission Deli Wraps Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge and as such my brain has been running away with itself to find less ordinary ways to enjoy my lunch. They've even asked for everyone to contribute ideas on how to challenge us over on their facebook page 

Out of all the fabulous challenges this week, I chose to have lunch in a less ordinary location.

As a teen I had the pleasure of living right next door (one on either side) to some of my best friends in the world.  One of which is a godmother to my Son (Chan) and the other is the one that performed his blessing, Eric.

God mother (Chan) in the background and Eric (blessing Little Man)

Eric and I lived in adjoining houses and my dad was not a fan of me having any male friends, especially not one that was so very close to home.  My brother and I used to sneak him and his cousin Tei (who is sadly no longer with us) into the house.  When we heard dads car pull up we had two options, they would either run through the back door or escape through my brothers bedroom window onto the roof of our extension and straight into Eric's bedroom.  We would sometimes have late night music sessions through that thin bedroom wall (I'm smiling at the memory.)

This gave me my idea for a less ordinary lunch location to have my Mission Deli Wrap...

For me this weeks challenge was not just a lunch less ordinary it rekindled memories of the best kind.

My wrap was really simple to make: 
  1. I chopped up some halal chicken & paprika slices,
  2. chopped some spring onion into small pieces
  3. grated some cheese 
  4. threw it all on my Wheat and White Mission Deli Wrap
  5. put it in the microwave for 10 seconds 
  6. rolled it up and sliced.

Hey presto I had a tasty wrap that made mum jealous so I had to make another - our verdict DELICIOUS!

And because once is just not enough I went back up there on my birthday to enjoy another!

Egg and Chicken wrap

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