Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Girls night In - My Bday

Saturday was my birthday, although I still like to go out on occasion and shake a leg, I decided that I'd make this one really relaxed.  I spent the morning with my mum and little man, had breakfast in bed and didn't lift a finger except to put the fork to mouth.  

The teen had decided to run away to her friends house on Friday so I wasn't sure I would see her, but up she popped, friend in tow with a gift and a birthday cuddle before heading off again.  She has a better social life than me!

In the evening I jumped in my girl Chan's car and went down to my sister's for a pre-planned girly evening with lots of cake, lots of snacks a couple of movies and most importantly lots of laughter.

My beautiful bestie aka lesbo lova

@kimmychyna my big sister <3

My eldest sister.  Love it when my sister smiles <3

P, @fudgyann & @kimmychyna

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