Friday, 25 October 2013

Dream Family Garden

"How do I fancy winning £750 to transform my garden into a fab family play area and be given the chance to test some of the best toys around for the next year?"  That's exactly the question that Activity Toys Direct is asking bloggers who want to become a play ambassador with them so of course I jumped at the chance!

I had asked the teen to design her dream garden but as things go with teens sometimes either homework, meeting up with friends or plain old "Not in the mood right now mum," got in the way.  Little man of course was much more receptive but I'm not sure you can make out what his ideas are from his rather fetching sketch.

My Garden as it stands is basically a long patch of grass with a shed and some trees thrown in for good measure.  I'm not great when it comes to the whole gardening thing and would rather sit in an ice cold bath than mow the lawn but when the weather is good, and someone else has done the mowing, my garden, bare as it may be, is one of our favourite places to chill.

My feeble attempt to mow the lawn before someone else stepped in and took over!

First on my list for my garden would be to invest £250 in an artificial lawn.  No mowing = happy mummy = happy children.  That's a double win situation.

As I'm not completely selfish I would make sure that a vegetable patch remained along the side of the garden because little man (and mum when she's in the country)  love a bit of gardening.  Nothing like growing your own tomatoes to get a toddler excited! So that's 3 wooden pallets at about £2 each some wood glue and a large packet of nails (£7.00) to turn them into raised bed planters plus £65 for compost and seeds.

Then for the fun stuff, toys!

At the moment we are storing a picnic table for a friend which little man loves so I would definitely invest in getting one of our own.  Activity Toys Direct have a great picnic table that doubles as a sand and water tray for £84.99  and I spotted some sand for £2.99 on the net.  

I'd wait it out on freecycle to see if I could get a table for us big people.

In this little family we are all a wee bit competitive, I used to compete in athletics, rounders and netball in my school days and the teen has so far competed in football, netball and cheer-leading.  We all love a good run around and think the TP Toys Garden Game set would be the ideal thing to keep us on our feet and at £38.99 you don't have to be a genius to work out you'd be getting a great deal.

Ready, Set, Go!

And of course we love to have the family around and this gas BBQ for £79.49 would be just the thing to get the party started.

And last but not least these...

The Axi Noa Playhouse at £185 and the TP Toys Activity play pack at £22.50, which would fit perfectly inside it.  All of that would leave me with a grand total of £8.04 which I would then use in the pound shop to pick up some sand toys and other bits.

I'd probably have to add some money to do all the things I want to do with my garden, but with £750 it would look something like this.

Plan made at

We'd also still have plenty of room for this...

What would you do with £750 to fix up your garden and inject some fun?

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity toys Direct garden makeover competition.

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