Sunday, 15 September 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

This week, even though I started off feeling fabulous, the weather has slowly grated away at my mood.  Forecasts of gale-force winds meant I was not looking forward to the weekend.  To top it off Little Man was ill so I wasn't sure we would get to go and enjoy the Pull-Ups Potty Training Bus which we were invited to attend today (Sunday.)  Luckily he recovered just in time. 

My friends will tell you I have sworn by Huggies since I used them with my daughter and when they stopped producing nappies in the UK this spring I was gutted and couldn't wait to get little man potty training so I could at least use the Pull-Ups range which are still available.  We made our way up to Camden Morrisons early this morning and little man was really excited at the sight of the bus.  (So was I if I'm honest).

How cool is this American Style school bus!

The bus was fab and on board we got to meet some other parent bloggers with their children, the lovely PR team, and Emma Kenny, resident psychologist on day break and Pull-ups brand ambassador. 

Emma Kenny was fantastic, I came for potty training and ended up going home with not only some Pull-Ups, lots of stickers and a chart to help Little Man with his potty training but I came away comforted by her experiences of having been a single mum, who knew a morning on a potty training bus would have such a profound effect on my self-esteem!

Reward chart with holograph stickers (with the Disney Cars or Princess theme)

Little man had a great time in the water play area which was a giant sink with a flush, a strange but awesome combination!

There was also the bedtime area (again with Disney Cars and Disney Princess theme) where the little ones could be taught about potty training at night time, a clothes line showing the range of huggies, which Little Man enjoyed pointing out the 'big boy pants,' and a graduation booth where they could have photos taken to show they had graduated to pants.

A taste of the future

Overall it was a fun and interactive experience.  You can find out where the next stop on the Pull ups tour is here.

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