Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Gallery - Selfie

This week Tara has chosen the theme selfie for The Gallery, The term selfie as described in the oxford dictionary (yes it has actually been added as well as some other interesting words,) is a photograph that one has taken of ones self.  

I am partial to a bit of self loving... of the photographic type of course!  Just for you here is a selection of our little family's most recent selfies.

You may be thinking this is not a selfie but I actually wanted to capture my legs in the photo, I'm a bit in love with these tights!

This is one of my favourite family selfies, the picture quality isn't great but it shows how much love there is between the two of them.  That and the fact she is teaching him to be as vain as the rest of us!

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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