Monday, 30 September 2013

So you think you can Blog?

There are so many rules that go along with being a blogger, I've always been ok with mathematical rules or literary rules, they are pretty straight forward, they don't bend.  Social rules however have never been my strong point.  What I've found is that blogging is a social thing.  Of course you write for yourself, as your own outlet, but most of us want someone to read it, or we wouldn't make it public in the first place.  That someone could be anyone from the girl next door to the stranger 5000 miles away, as long as someone is reading it.  

The thing is a lot of the people reading and sharing your posts are other bloggers, they want you to comment on their posts, talk to them on twitter, like their facebook pages, have a conversation about what you had for breakfast that morning or what awful thing the government has done this week but they won't necessarily care about your response. 

Being new to the blogging world you are the one that usually has to make the first move and if this doesn't come naturally to you it's a struggle.  

There are some really lovely bloggers out there Fiona +Coombe Mill, Rachel +Rachel tryingforsighs, Sara +Sara Murray, Susan +Susan Mann, Kate +Kate Takes 5, Becky +Becky Willoughby+Shona Motherwell to name a few that make you feel welcome and will always respond if you talk to them and then there are the others who leave you out in the cold and make you feel a bit unwelcome so to speak.  The 'parent' blogger world especially can be a bit like a group of high school girls with some lads thrown in for good measure.  

Whatever you do, if you want to blog always be yourself.  Always use your own voice and don't worry about being accepted.  If you write what someone wants to read, which can be just about anything, someone will always read what you have to say.

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