Sunday, 22 September 2013

Royce 'My First Sports Bra' review

Buying your daughter her first bra is one of those things you both look forward to and dread in equal measure.  The chance to shop together for girly bits and giggle at the extra boost bras that have nearly as much air in as a bouncy castle is very appealing but on the other hand it means that she is growing up and becoming a woman.  Scary as the thought may be, when the time comes we want to get it right.

We were asked by a lovely team member at Royce if we would like to try out ‘My First Sports Bra’ and as the teen takes part in cheer leading as well as her regular P.E lessons we thought this would be ideal.

It had taken us ages to find the ‘right’ bras for the teen because even though she has been measured the fit of bras seemed to vary from brand to brand.  We were a bit worried that the size we ordered might not fit.  The bra arrived in lovely packaging, which made both me and the teen look forward to seeing it in the flesh and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and soft feel of the material.  The removable padding in the cups gave the bra a nice shape without being obvious.

The plus points as described by the teen are:
  • It was comfortable,
  • it’s very good for sport because it’s light and well fitting. 
  • It allows you to move freely.
  • It doesn't ride up when I’m doing my stunts.
  • It’s easy to put on.

This didn't leave much space for negatives.   I would however say that priced at £22 it is a ‘high end’ item. 

Royce do recommend you go to a stockist to get measured and their website offers tips on how to make your daughter feel comfortable about getting measured as well as advice for the girls on how their body is changing.  To have a look at this or other items click here to visit.  You can also find them on facebook or twitter.

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