Sunday, 22 September 2013

Monday Melodies

Ok so my crazy sister decided she wants to do a weekly blog link up and I of course will be forced tripping over my feet to join in.  It's all about music.  Music for me is like a man you can't live with it and you don't really want to live without it (unless of course you prefer movies to music, if you know what I mean.)  It serves it's purpose, it can motivate me to clean the house, make me fall into my pillow wailing in sadness or make me want to do the naughty with the boy up the road (metaphorically speaking of course!)

The song I've chosen this week is not only a song that represents this present Monday for me but it has been the song that I've felt for a while.  

When you think you are in love with someone and you invest your time, your heart, your soul into that 'love' it's hard to walk away and be the same person you were before.

So here is my video... 

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