Friday, 6 September 2013

'It Girls'

I don't know that every school has them but in all my experience of teaching or being a student (pre-uni,)  I always came across a group of 'it girls' or 'mean girls' as they are sometimes know (not that they are all mean).  In secondary school these were the girls that everyone looked up to, they knew the latest trends in fashion and usually had a list of boys (real or made up) that would be the main topic of conversation.  

You were either a part of the it girls or you were not.  The exception to that rule was a small group of 'acceptables' who were neither in nor out, they were the it girls pets, usually girls with a lunch pass or a good looking brother met that criteria, and they would, within reason, be allowed to spend time in the glow of an it girls shadow.

The Teen Princess came home yesterday with all the usual tales of teachers who don't know how to define boundries (who offers a student a taste of their liqourice tea!)  Timetables that mean she's away from most of her friends all of the time (big smiles from me.)  And of course there was the story of the it girls.  

The it girls had lost their leader for the day but there she was at the end of the school day stood outside in her neon pink leggings waiting for her 'crew' to swoon over her and ask why she wasn't in school.  (It turns out this particular girl would not have uniform until next week and was therefore not coming into school.)  She collected all the days gossip and declared that the new girl in school might have to be part of their crew because she was pretty and would attract the boys, (there isn't much else that contributes to the entrance exam of an it girl.) 

As the Teen Princess relayed this story to me I thanked God that she was not one of the it girls, that she has her own sense of style, her own quirky group of friends and an extremely loving nature.  She never wants to see anyone left out and avoids conflict where possible and although her role as 'peace maker' has sometimes got her in trouble both at school and home (I'd rather her stay out of other peoples business,) she is genuinely a really sweet girl and makes me very proud. 

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